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post christmas task blow the cob webs off


Saturday 29 December 10 am Raincliffe gate care park



When your full up from your Christmas and boxing day food and you dont think that you can take another mouthful,guess who comes to the rescue good old Raincliffe Woods .

Both groups will be working on the walkways on the 29 of December


We need body’s on this job so if you can carry a branch and want to come out and get some good fresh air into your lungs come along and join us clear this 4000 year old walk away out.

Dont forget good working clothing your dinner and a drink for your selves

A particularly warm welcome to those Those that have current chain saw certificates and if you can bring a chain saw that would be brilliant .I must stress that only certificated people correctly dressed will be allowed to work along side us, as chain saw use is dangerous ,we do not want to end the year with an accident.

This job is not really suitable for people under 12 as power tools will be in use and we dont want any one hurt


So that’s Saturday 29 December 10 am raincliffe gate care park tools to be provided but if you have a bow saw that you can bring all the better


Happy Christmas

Ron Baxter Chair  

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Updates from our Nepal Program


With the end of the year approaching, our US-based staff has been laden with the gift of updates from our partners abroad! Notably, our Nepal program has been expanding and progressing in exciting ways! Regional director, Som Ale’s reports have shown us that our community engagement plans are both effective and quite fun.

Two things make and keep a society great and long lasting: its people and pristine nature.  ” -Som Ale

Many great societies of past (for example, Mayan, Egyptian, Easter Island societies) collapsed because of the environmental collapse due to habitat destruction and over harvest of local biota.  The notion that man and nature are inseparably bound in an intricate web of interrelationships and interdependencies should be realized and essentially percolated into minds of people from young age.  This level of awareness and education should start with young students and depends on how they interact with nature…

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Roadshow at Fishbourne Roman Palace

CSI South East Museums

Saturday 8th December

View from a Ceramics conservator – Alice Blears

My local west Sussex event – and easy travelling as it is only a few miles from home – our 4th and final roadshow in as many days was in the Collections Discovery Centre at Fishbourne Roman Palace, near Chichester. It houses the bulk store for the palace and Chichester District collections as well as the conservation lab and sensitive store. I was on home ground here as I volunteer at Fishbourne in the conservation lab working on archaeological metalwork (and the occasional piece of pottery!).

We set up the roadshow in the foyer area and had an extra helper for unloading, putting up signs and putting out leaflets in the shape of my 10-year-old son. It didn’t take long as we were getting used to setting up by now. We were joined once again by Mary Bustin (Paintings) Zenzie Tinker (Textiles) and the Ceramics Conservation and…

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