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This is an update on the Forge Valley & Raincliffe Woods Action Group


Hello and good morrow to all our friends out there

this Tuesday we had a cracking meeting with lots of thoughts /ideas for things to do this coming year .Please bear in mind that not all of them are confirmed yet and as soon as I have that confirmation I will pass it on to you all .

We decided to concentrate our efforts on specific days ,the first Sunday in every month ,this will make it easy for those like myself to remember what day I am doing things lol. So its the first Sun in the month from now on however if you think that of an activity that needs to be on another day let us know and if we can and its possible we will do our best to fit it in .



April frogs n toads crossing at the mere?
May dawn chorus

+ flower id this can be from the 13 to the 19 and training will be given
June teddy bears picnic
July flower identifying walk
August bug hunting
September/October fungi foraging, seed collecting, bat hunt night
November bat hunt night, making Xmas decorations
December making Xmas decorations
Other ideas included tall tales walk with a tree expert, making sculptures out of logs, branches found bits of wood?, shelter making (Helen has contacts in scouts, army cadets), treasure hunts, photography, painting, re-enactments, willow weaving, dancing, trail and geology walks, actors who would entertain children, reading stories, fairy tales etc.,


Let us know if you can help or want to take part or can think of anything else . Dont forget it must cost NOTHING or NEXT to NOTHING to put on but lets get ready to get out and enjoy the beautiful woodland this sring and summer 


Author: scarboroughwoodlandpeople

We are two different groups of volunteers ,the SCV work all over the Scarborough aria doing a variety of tasks in conjunction with SBC we also are the lease holders on around 15 acres of meadow ,we only have 99 years to sort it out . The SWAG group are at the moment concentrating on Raincliffe Woods & forge Valley ,they meet on the first Sunday of the month to carry out tasks and have events in the woodland . and hope to see you there Ron Baxter Chair

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