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painting and drawing master class

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painting and drawing day with a master class by Royal collage alumni Alan Stuttle  

Royal Collage alumni Alan Stuttle will be giving a master class in drawing and painting
We will be starting around 10.30 at Raincliffe car park (TBC) bring your favorite medium Water colour,pencil , pastels, pencils ,oil bar, a small canvas ,paper .
hopefully the blue Bells will be out but if not its ok everything will be a beautiful green . We will bring a small amount of paper for those that just want to draw . Come along and learn from a drawing/painting master


Author: scarboroughwoodlandpeople

We are two different groups of volunteers ,the SCV work all over the Scarborough aria doing a variety of tasks in conjunction with SBC we also are the lease holders on around 15 acres of meadow ,we only have 99 years to sort it out . The SWAG group are at the moment concentrating on Raincliffe Woods & forge Valley ,they meet on the first Sunday of the month to carry out tasks and have events in the woodland . and hope to see you there Ron Baxter Chair

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