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Come and enjoy the day

Come and enjoy the day

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What are these people thinking


I do not know if the leaving of rubbish in the woods is getting worse over the years but i do know it angers me to see the stuff just left with not a care in the world as to what will happen to it. People are having drink /drug parties getting totally wrecked and leaving the campsite and fires surrounded with rubbish, it goes from bedding to bottles. When will these self centered idiots realise that the world is not there to keep them entertained .If you want to party and who does not when your young take your rubbish home ,you can drag it there when its full so bend your backs and take it home when you have finished .
Has anyone noticed the amount of cycle tracks that are appearing all over the woods Again the self absorbed are digging up the woodland for their own entertainment ,nevermind the wild life or other users of the wood . There are bridleways in the wood and those are the only places where bikes should be , not destroying the woods !!! I am sick of having to get out of the way of bikers wanting to use the woods as their own race track. One day there will be an accident, I dont care if its someone one a bike that gets hurt,it will be there own fault ,I do care about the people that are using the woods for legitimate reasons. These are ancient woodlands in parts triple SI and they are been destroyed by the selfish and often threatening people that insist that their entertainment comes first

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