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Its a funny old thing conservation work ,here we are cutting trees down to make a view so not very conservationist you might say ! the thing is people will walk that route now more now they can see the wonderful view . it will matter to those people what happens to the land so it becomes more likely that it will be protected . not only that people will be more likely to stick to the paths and leave the wild parts wildHazal Head


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Woodfuel Fair at Grassington Nov 2nd

Dales Leader Blog

The event is open to both visitors and exhibitors .

Please see Flier below

Woodfuel fair flier_A5

Or display this poster at your community venue:

Woodfuel fair flier_A4

A free event for all residents of the Yorkshire Dales National
Park supported by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority’s
Sustainable Development Fund which is managed by the
Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.
Saturday 2nd November 2013, 10.30am to 2.30pm
Organised by Yorwoods, The Woodfuel Fair will feature:
●exhibits from local woodfuel suppliers
●exhibits from local woodfuel heating equipment suppliers
●Yorwoods Woodfuel Information Centre,  offering free independent and impartial
information, advice and guidance to people interested in taking advantage of the
Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive for  home owners and businesses
●a series of short presentations throughout the day on how to get the best out of your
woodfuel heating equipment.

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Room for individuality in the dales?

Scribble by the Ribble


Do over-zealous planning rules restrict our individuality? Bit of an unusually deep question for me and my blog I know, but this was a discussion that cropped up following a glass or two of red recently. I’m all for preventing the building of a branch of Burger King at the top of Ingleborough but do we really need to gain permission from some bureaucrat to paint our front door red or our garden gate purple? Those of you from towns might wonder what all the fuss is about but if you live in the Yorkshire Dales you’ll know that planning rules can be a nightmare. I was in Shropshire recently  – in a lovely area full of natural and man-made beauty – where several touches of individuality had created a quirky, interesting and vibrant place, and residents were rightly proud of their town. The woman who painted her house with…

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‘Living the woodland life’ with Ben Laws


Yesterday Peter and I spent the day in Prickly Nut Wood with Ben Laws, listening to him talk about his ‘forest life’ and his woodsmanship.

I almost always find being with people in a place that they are strongly connected to, moving. This was exceptional. It may have been life-changing.

Ben is extraordinarily connected with his woods. They have been his home and work for 22 years. He owns 8 acres (about 3 hectares) and manages another 90 acres (36.5 hectares). For the first eleven or so years he lived in a bender in the woods before deciding the use the timber of the woodland and his knowledge and skill in working it to create a house.

This project featured on what became the one of the most popular episodes of the ‘Grand Designs’ TV programme, which showed Ben designing, collecting timber for and building his house. A few years…

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Saplings at Birch Moss Covert


SACV volunteers were out today helping the Cheshire Wildlife Trust at one of their sites, Birch Moss Covert.  The work was to carry out some woodland management, clearing an area that had been invaded by Himalayan balsam and bracken, then transplanting rowan saplings from a denser area of the wood.

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