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Planning Party

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These are a few of the events SWAG want to going to put on this year
A Fairy/ Wizard Picnic,
Teddy Bear Picnic
Summer Faire
Pop Up Café
Wild Food Foraging
Gardeners Question Time
Story Telling
Acoustic Soloists
A Story Play
Willow Sculpture
Star Gazing Party’s
Cinema In The Woods (silent Films)
Green Santa
Traditional Dancing
drawing day

,if you would like to help put on some of these events ,perhaps as a steward ,helping to put a marquee up, litter picking or blowing some balloons up and putting some signs out that sort of thing or indeed if you would like to help plan an event please come to our planing party and make our woods a diverse fun place to be . come to out next meeting on Wed 5th of February @ 6pm manor road please let me know if your coming by clicking
cheers Ron


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good going so far

Thank you again for all the hard work in the meadow ,its a strange part of the year Mid winter nothing is growing ,its cold and its more often than not wed and muddy yet its one of my favourite times of the year in the meadow , We have continued the tree thinning this year and what a difference in the amount of light getting through to the woodland floor is making already it feels more natural , you can almost hear the trees groaning with relief now we are opening up spaces between them. The blue bells are in so we can look forward to a beautiful display this and many more springs to come . The feeder station is on its way to completion , the bird hide is going to be started in the next few weeks and we have started to map out what is where in the meadow . Those volunteers that need wood for heating are starting to reap the benefit as quite a few logs have already gone down the hill to heat local homes and those of us that enjoy the odd BBQ will be enjoying free BBQ fuel once we have brought the kiln over .so all in all its a good in the meadow however we all have our fingers crossed hoping the “Yellow rattle” takes and wild flowers start to recolonise the grass land  

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A fantastic start

What a brilliant first day, well Saturday, logs were cut, brush tided surveys started and a few van loads of wood taken for the fire .well done and thank you for the hard graft everyone has done . Next week we will be starting the digital map of the meadow with a boundary survey more winter tree thinning and species identification . Thank you all for a wonderful day

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event meeting

event Meeting
Would you like to help plan or perhaps be a volunteer for SWAGS ? We are holding a meeting on the 22 of Jan @ 6pm @ manor road nursery. Please come along with your thoughts and energy .if we do not use the woods in and around Scarborough there is a huge risk of us the public losing our access to them.. if you would like to take part in walks ,family days,bugs hunts, dance days drawing days or simply a picnic please come along and help keep our woodlands and pathways open
a weekend of dance
What a stunning spot to come and see some wonderful dancers and singers We had a dance out last year and it was fantastic . The site in raincliffe woods is just perfect to just lie back and enjoy the entertainment and the energy .More details will follow regarding performers but we are looking for local musicians/ singers to play in the intervals and of cause traditional dance groups. If you think that you would like to perform or you would like to help out please contact Ron Baxter or Elaine Clarke
We will be having groups and individuals dancing throughout the two days but to keep in tune with the woodland setting all the music will be purely acoustic and only a small P.A. For public announcements. We will be using a dance floor for the performers (as grass is just too slippery) so volunteers will be needed to help set up this and other tasks including help with the marquee ,litter picking ,help on the day and help with the organisation

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Press release for Scarborough Conservation Volunteers

Press release for Scarborough Conservation Volunteers

A New weekend Volunteers day

In celebration of 25 years of community work the Scarborough Conservation Volunteers group have decided to start a weekend voluntary day. The group currently meets every Wednesday to carry out conservation work in and around Scarborough. There has always been some interest in weekend working which would suit those keen to contribute to conservation work but not available during the week. If enough people are interested a weekend group could become viable.
Concentrating mainly on the management of Raincliffe Woods Meadow, the first weekend day will be on Saturday 11th of January 2014. Starting at 1030am, with a 2.30 finish all those interested should meet at Raincliffe Gate car park. There will be opportunities to take part in a number of tasks ranging from collecting felled wood (great if you have a wood burner!) to studying wild life and fauna.
We could be taking down surplus trees, planting new varieties (native only), putting up bird boxes, hide making, carrying out research work, bug hunts and escorting walks etc. Not all the work is physical but some is. You need good boots, a waterproof and to bring food and drink for yourself for the day. You do not need to commit to volunteering every week. It is helpful to inform the group if you can attend so we can plan ahead.
If you are interested please get in touch. Contact Ron Baxter at 


face book


 or Tel. 07549797527.