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Scarborough walk for life

MUSICIANS WANTED to help with the Scarborough Walk For Life how way lads and lasses anyone willing and able to help out please contact Theresa Hargreaves on 07891207879


24 May 9.15 an informal Star gazing night in Raincliffe Meadow

COME AND LOOK AT THE STARS AT NIGHT IN THE BEAUTIFUL MEADOW ,Have a chat with others that enjoy astronomy.dont worry if you do not know anything this is just for fun . Find the constellations, see a meter shower .look for the planets and check out the moon
We will have sunset around 9.14 so you need to be there between 9-10.30
@9.27 Mars will be visible in (virgo ) 32 deg E
@ 9.12 Jupiter will be in (gemini ) 24 deg W
@10.11 mercury will be in (taurus ) 9 deg wnw
@10.03 Saturn with its rings visible will be in libra) 21deg s 
not just that ladies and gents we will have if those nasty clouds stay away Meteor showers, Iridium satellite flare and the international space station going over .so you can wave to them as they pass by. first light will be @2.36 and sun rise is @ 4.43 so if you stay all night bring some bacon . one or two telescopes will be there for those that dont have the use of one but its best if you can bring your own or a powerful pair of binoculars

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looking forward to spring

What a wonderfully successful Winter program Thousands of blue Bells Planted over two sites ,trees cleared ,Yellow Rattle planted, Board walk fixed , paths widened, Habitats created, wetland developed , a Bird hide built along with its feeder station and trees thinned in the meadow letting beautiful light in. I am really looking forward to this spring its coming changes and seeing the effect of the groups hard work. Will the blue bells flower the yellow rattle do as we expect and will the light bring new life in the meadow its hard not to wish time away so we can see what will happen . What success the Saturday group have made to the development of the woods with the building of the bird hide and huge impact on the tree management this is something I am without doubt proud to be associated with .

Whats in store for this spring I hear you ask in a roar . Well the grass needs to be cut in the meadow an unimportant task you may think but NO its a hugely important part of its management ,the Yellow rattle will we hope !!!!!!!! kick start the regeneration of the wild flower meadow and give the people of Scarborough a stunning venue for a day out . Mixing the needs of the people and the wild life will always be a challenging task for the ConVols but we will always take the side of the wild life in our management decisions but I digress we have some new to us tasks coming along the pipe .Starting this week we are working in conjunction with the Woodland trust on one of their most gorgeous sites Scar & Castlebeck if you have not walked the length of this site you Should . In the near future we are also tackling some new sites with the Woodland Trust over near Boggle Hole . Last but not least on the 5 of March I attended a meeting of a new grouping of volunteers that are converting just under an ache of land into community allotments this group is called Totally Locally Community Allotments (TLCA) .this is an exciting new group that with the help of local businesses and in particular Stepney Hill Farm where it will be (is) based . The ConVols are proud to be associated with TLCA and we hope that we can over the coming years be of mutual help to each other.

Well that’s the end of my ramblings for a while