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Its Saturday so we are in Raincliffe Meadow

Image we start at 10.30 and finish around 2.30 come for 10 mins have a look round or all day either way you’re welcome.

Tomorrow weather permitting we shall .be making sure the bird feeders are stocked, erecting a sign at the entrance ,marking trees for felling ,walking the paths and noting any jobs that need doing. In the afternoon we will be making garden furniture ,anyone that would like to join in please come along. If you do want to build your self a chair ,stool, table remember you have got to carry it of the meadow , come in old clothing and fetch a hammer ,the only other thing you will need is a willingness to get a bit mucky and join in

there is plenty of parking in Raincliffe car park , you can walk from the Mere or Green gate .If you come up from Raincliffe car park as the path swings to the right just keep going straight ahead and you will end up at the Meadow gates



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canceled because of the weather

COME AND LOOK AT THE STARS AT NIGHT IN THE BEAUTIFUL MEADOW ,Have a chat with others that enjoy astronomy.dont worry if you do not know anything this is just for fun . Find the constellations, see a meter shower .look for the planets and check out the moon
We will have sunset around 9.14 so you need to be there between 9-10.30
@9.27 Mars will be visible in (virgo ) 32 deg E
@ 9.12 Jupiter will be in (gemini ) 24 deg W
@10.11 mercury will be in (taurus ) 9 deg wnw
@10.03 Saturn with its rings visible will be in libra) 21deg s
not just that ladies and gents we will have if those nasty clouds stay away Meteor showers, Iridium satellite flare and the international space station going over .so you can wave to them as they pass by. first light will be @2.36 and sun rise is @ 4.43 so if you stay all night bring some bacon . one or two telescopes will be there for those that dont have the use of one but its best if you can bring your own or a powerful pair of binoculars