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How sad, the conservation volunteers are putting hour after hour into making raincliffe meadow a haven for wild life and trying to engage members of the public to come and see the wildlife and yet a small minded fool decides to smash the (new to us ) notice board


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Scarborough Conservation Volunteers AGM

We will be holding this years AGM at Manor Road nursery this thursday the 19 June @6.30 .please bring some ideas and some positive vibes

We need more volunteers so if you can help us get in touch

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A lot of hard work is done by the volunteers to try and make the meadow a place of high biodiversity and welcoming for visitors . but we do seem to have a problem with our cherry trees ,a large number are loosing their leaves and are looking very poorly indeed ,anyone know what the problem is please let me know as we desperately want to save them. we have put up a new sign on the Raincliffe gate end of the meadow ,when i say new it was an old clapped out one that SCB donated and we have brought it back to life. A few pics of the bird hide that i took today I think it is settling into the landscape very well and will be even more hidden when the Ivy that we have planted cover it, there one or two problems with it though ,we do need another feeder station ,the sighting openings need widening and the brambles in front of the hide need trimming back. . We also did some strimming today to allow walkers better access round the site and yes i know more needs doing lol223726_133960286696525_100002476636758_199703_1713779_n











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A new future for the meadow

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0001This is a map of the proposed new layout for Raincliffe meadow more evolutionary than revolutionary .

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Here’s the real reason the Tories are allowing the destruction of robin eggs and nests

Two days ago on a wildlife recording workshop I was told that N.E were the terrible at recording species ,if this is true and given who it was that told us i have no reason to disbelieve them ,how do N.E know that these birds are increasing or declining in numbers never mind a problem ?

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

UPDATE: here’s my response to Natural England’s attempts to defend their plans: 
How Natural England are lying about their plans to allow destruction of robin nests

I must admit to having been more than a little puzzled at first as to why Natural England are proposing that nests and eggs of bird species such as robins and starlings will be allowed to be destroyed without the granting of special licences.

This would mean members of the public would be allowed to destroy any nests or eggs they came across – more or less at will.

Natural England’s consultation paper on the subject doesn’t shed much light on the reasons for these quite shocking proposals either – other than stating that these birds can present a “public health and safety” hazard.

There is no explanation of what exactly the public health and safety hazards of robins’…

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