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Scarborough conservation volunteers will be running a Scything course in Raincliffe Meadow on the Sixth of August
it starts 10am finishes at 4pm
please bring lunch for your self, gloves must be worn while handling the blades , suitable clothing must be worn.
Places are limited and its first come first served cost per person is £35 free to members
Parking is available ,unfortunately this event is not suitable for children or anyone with mobility problems

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First week in Boggle Hole

Wednesday the 9 July was what seemed an old fashioned day for the ConVols . We arrived at the plantation near Boggle Hole on time but a bit worried about taking our cars to the task site with the state of the road been as it is. The job was to mark up the tree guards that were empty ,to straighten the trees up and to weed the tree guards. it soon became apparent that any gaps would stand out easily as the trees were between 5 foot and 20 not the whips we were expecting and would soon be in need of thinning not replacment , so we set about cleaning the tree guards, standing them up and taking the empty ones down. This is a spot that is affected strongly be the weather, in some places trees like the Willow were struggling in others they were 20 foot tall . We think that it would be possible to coppice some of the species such as the Willow and start the plantation thinning within the next two or three years . back next week
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a busy week

We have had a busy week what with a Wed meeting in Forge Valley the AGM and the Sat meeting in the Meadow. It looks like we could still be digging this old path out in 20 years’ time its bloody hard work. The AGM was successful we have a new Vice Chair, a tools manager and Health & Safety officer to help us through the next 12 months .We will be purchasing a new lawn mower to enable more members to take on those hard tasks that normally only get taken on by a small few . An exciting development is that we will be having a Sythe use work shop in the Meadow soon. We will be inviting groups and individuals to come along and learn with us. One of our failings is that we do seem to find attracting new members to come and join us difficult , to help with this we will be manning a gazebo every Saturday to hand out information leaflets and to show the kind of things we make/ do in the woods. Today we started our flower survey , cleared some pathways and cleared out the ground underneath the old Oak ,something we will be continue doing next weekend . I now need to identify some grasses that were found and Write up our flower survey