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A beautiful Day

what a day it was just beautiful yesterday in the Meadow . We have started to convert the smallest plantation from an overcrowded,dark, miserable and at risk from dying out Oak and Ash plantation, to one that is open,light and able to support the new variety’s we will be planting this winter .We will be starting with Crab Apple , Rose Hip and juniper I almost forgot Blue bells and Snakes Head as well .Well done all for all the hard work


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twice in two weeks

When we visited the Meadow on Saturday morning ,Peter and I found that for the second week running someone ? had decided to have a fire in the roots of our old Oak tree . The ConVols are just so sad that someone can so maliciously take so much effort to cause criminal damage. The cost to Scarborough tax payers in having the fire brigade attend and to any Police investigation into the indecent will not be a minimal amount as we had to ensure that the fire did not spread underground to the other 1000 trees. The ConVols hope that the person/people that did this act of criminal damage get the medical help they so desperately need and soon, before the need light fires triggers more dangerous behaviour

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not light yet but up and about to get E off to work

I looks like its going to be a fine day fingers crossed. Today in the meadow we have our visitor Linden Hawthorn coming for a walk and talk with the members ,we are starting the tree survey, carving and making walking sticks ,So looking forward to it despite having broken ribs

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Sat 11 oct

hello good people on this fine and rainy day. This sat we are starting out tree survey, this is so we know exactly what trees we have their health and size ,we need this sort of information when we apply for a licence to fell trees and in our restocking . we will also be making things like walking stick , green wood ornaments  and small three legged stools. We will also be having a visitor a linden Hawthorn she is very special guest linden will be doing a walk & talk with us and sharing some of her expertise with us .lets hope it stays dry