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Meeting to be held at 10am on the 12 Feb @ Manor Road Nurseries

Meeting to be held at 10am on the 12 Feb
the ConVols and friends of Raincliffe meadow have secured a meeting with the Raincliffe enterprise group ,to discus the groups future in Raincliffe woods and the future management of the woods. As you may be aware,over the last 20 years Scarborough ConVols have been the main voluntary group working in Raincliffe & Forge valley. if you have walked a path ,gone up some steps sat at a view it would have been done by us if you have walked a reveted path we would have done it,we built the round Houses ,thinned the trees, us, never mind Secret wood event mmmmm US. As you can see the ConVols have an interest in what is happening in Raincliffe so members and friends please come along to Manor Road nurseries at 10 am on the 12 of feb


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we keep going lol

this Sat. we are focusing on getting the foraging plantation finished,we will be thinning blackthorn and burning off lop& Top . On Wed we are in Joes wood near scarborough Mere thinning out the wood and giving tool training

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I know i keep going on about it but it matters

the following is a letter to Cllrs involved in the asset transfer of Raincliffe woods it should be interesting to read any replies
Dear cllr ??????
I am writing to you on the subject of the upcoming Asset Transfer of raincliffe woods and Forge Valley. As I understand the procedure SBC is required to consult interested parties as well as the general public on issues such as this. Cllr Fox asserts that the majority of those polled at the last Secret Wood event were in favour of this transfer and that the asset transfer application was available and published on the SBC website for a considerable length of time. I am the Chair of the Scarborough Conservation Volunteers, I know that have not been approached by the SBC and we manage Raincliffe Meadow and after speaking to some our neighbours it seems that they have not been approached by SBC on this matter. I do not think that any right thinking person can claim that a small biased pole on a badly attended Secret wood event, with no way of knowing if those polled were regular users of the wood, an unattended public meeting in Barrowcliff and an application form on a web site few people look at can be seen as public consultation at all. This is a multi-million pound business why is SBC giving it away?
At the moment standing timber is fetching premium prices http://www.forestry.gov.uk/…/tpi201409.…/$FILE/tpi201409.pdf
Why is the SBC not using this to its advantage and contracting controlled felling and using the profits to reduce council tax bills or improving services?
We are also concerned about the decision that shows that SBC has given the RWCE the asset transfer over TYWT. The following is a direct quote from the SBCS own online document .
• That RWCE do not provide sufficient clarity to provide assurance that their
proposals are viable and sustainable and the transfer does not proceed.
• That the Council has lost the opportunity to proceed with an application from
the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, which was viable and would offer benefits over
the current arrangements.
• The retention of the asset would continue to place an ongoing financial
liability on the Council in terms of management and maintenance of the area.”
The document states that the opportunity to proceed with the YWT offer was lost How Why? Was this opportunity lost ,when I spoke to the YWT representative they were more than eager to be involved even at this late stage.
Scarborough Conservation Volunteers and the other groups that are involved with voluntary work in Raincliffe woods deserve better than been removed from the decision making process and the people of Scarborough deserve more than to be told that the RWCE will be holding consultative meetings, we want a SBC led public debate on the radio,web and press we deserve nothing less
Yours Sincerely
Ron Baxter

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Something for an artist local to Oswestry Shropshire

Inside Out Art Group

A local and highly talented teacher in a Pant school near Oswestry, is taking Oswestry and Shropshire’ as her topic for the spring term and would like to introduce the children to contemporary poets, artists, musicians, sports people, scientists etc in their local area! (Diana has worked with her before, and she is inspirational!)

Is there an artist who would be able to spare an hour to go into the school to talk about/show some of their work and how, in particular he/she is inspired by their environment?

Any contributions/contacts would be very welcome. In response to an artists/musicians visit the teacher would work with children to create ‘something’ related to the children’s environment using the artists style, form, media etc then that creative person would be invited back for a viewing/performance!

A couple of authors have been secured but are there any artists/musicians who would be interested?

The class…

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A Black Thorn day

As many will know Black Thorn is a sod to cut back, you can have the thickest gloves on and still go home with hands like Medieval nightmare. On Wednesday the ConVols really got stuck into thinning the BT on the edge of the new foraging plantation in the Meadow, what a difference it makes . It will of cause in time grow back but the light that came through onto the woodland floor was beautiful to see. We recently purchased some fruit tree whips ( UK Native ) and i had the pleasure of seeing these 40cm sticks go in. Apart from just been in a green space for me the most important feature of conservation work is knowing that in days long into the future people will be visiting and benefiting from what we have done, in this case the planting of native fruit trees. In 10-20 years time long after i have given up the joys of getting cold & wet ,people will be able to come along and enjoy Damson, crab Apple, Spindle,Whitebeam,Dog Rose,greengage,Medlar,Cherry & more, hopefully someone in 30 years time will be enjoying a glass of Greengage wine and not have clue as to how the fruit got there in the first place. We have also started on the Pit kiln so those ceramicists that are still interested in using it had better start making pots. Still some more whips to go in so Saturday’s job along with erecting a sign and tidying will be to plant the rest up.

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Planting time

What a strange day yesterday we went out to buy some trees and that’s exactly what we got , no bulbs , offers ,flowers . I think I have been doing the shopping with Elaine for too long lol.
Thank you very much to the lovely people at http://thorpetrees.com/ a more helpful group I could not wish to meet , we had the car loaded we what we wanted and on our way home to heal them in in a flash .
We have crab apple , spindle, white beam, alder buckthorn, dog rose, way faring , guelder rose ,common buckthorn and bird cherry whips to plant up on our various sites over the next two weeks

Some Questions for SBC ( TOM FOX ) that we think need answering on the Asset Transfer

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Some Questions for SBC ( TOM FOX ) that we think need answering on the Asset Transfer.

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