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me with the biggest grin in the room

All i do is point the rest the group does, I want to thank Scarborough Conservation Volunteers The friends of the Volunteers, Alan Tomlinson from SBC and All those at Scarborough Borough Council that support us every week. Also want to say a big thank you to SBC for the evening & Choices Health club Scarborough  for sponsoring my award. and the biggest  thank you to elaine & Lex



More days in the week please

All the planned blackthorn clearance has been done, we are all ripped to shreds and we still have some to burn off but its finished, done gone and out of the way. The volunteers have worked so hard on this, its incredible to see the difference. The Vols have also been grafting hard to repair the East and west gate, digging drainage channels, removing the soaked top soil and getting the path back in a usable state. Its a sign of our success in managing the Meadow that visitor numbers have shot up even in the winter months, with the extra foot fall causing the footpath damage but its easily fixed with revetment. We will be using our felled Ash to edge the entrances, digging further water run-offs and using the Lop &Top from our felling to make chippings, Horses go through the gate regularly so we will have to make the chipping bed fairly thick at around 24 cm. Then top up as necessary.

Now we have cleared the Black thorn from our West boundary we can start to plant up other variety’s of hedging trees and shrubs, this is not going to be used as stock fence but as a wild life habitat and hopefully for training. We will have to keep a close eye on the Black thorn stumps and make sure it does not push its way back into the grass land.

Bramble is another of those plants that if you don’t keep an eye on it, you discover it slowly moving over the land taking paths out and swamping the grassed areas. More days in the week please

We do have a small area with Ash on that I think we can return to meadow grass, we will have to keep a watch out for nesting birds but the Ash removal would increase the grassed part of the Meadow by around half an acre, if we keep the grass short for a few seasons and do some wild flower planting it should not be long before the area is transformed. Since we have decided to plant as many appropriate, rare native species perhaps 3/5 Black Poplar trees would be good ?

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Its done its cut

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coming up

Boy is Haw & black thorn a pain where a person meets a horse, hands and arms scratched to bits ,its a nightmare to burn but we are getting there. On our western boundary we have an old hedge that’s having a party all on its own, so we set about pushing it back to the boundary line, a few Wednesdays and it will be back to the line. We can then plant some hedging whips and bring the hedge down to the west gate . I want to thank the lads that got stuck in to the path repair on the east gate, the work already done has made a huge difference to the path. Some our new chainsaw cutters got stuck into clearing the rubbish left from their assessment days and pushing on with creating space round the cherry trees ,lets see if this works and the extra air circulating will get rid of the leaf rot.

This coming Saturday the group will be concentrating on the dreaded Thorn, lets hope we can get this part of thinning finished before the nesting season starts.

Dont forget our family day on the Saturday 4 April more news to follow on that but knowing those that are organising it,the day will be a smasher

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All hand on deck please

A busy time in the meadow so we need all hands on deck . We have a few jobs that need doing before the onset of spring

The first

we will be revetting both gates digging them out to dry ground, putting in drainage and edging it.


Creating space around our cherry trees, tidying the already felled trees and separating the usable timber and the Lop & Top


To push back the Black thorn on the western boundary and to complete the planting of the hedge.

I know its a lot but it all needs doing particularly the path as its becoming difficult to walk on at both entrances