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Very sad news that the bird hide has been vandalised. Completely burnt to the ground!
It seems likely that this was done on purpose as it appears that an accelerant would have been used to cause this damage. The fire does not appear to have been started inside the hide. We built it with thick timber to prevent the likelihood of accidental fire. A lot of hard work went into the creation of the bird hide and it was enjoyed by many as a place to take cover and watch all the different birds that were about.
It seems that vandalism in the woodlands is on the increase. Recently an occupied bat box was ripped off the oak tree and put on the nearby fire pit. Bats are an endangered species and this is a serious offence. As is arson!
These pictures show the bird hide before and after it was burnt down. The fire brigade attended on the 27 April @ 8.30pm. If anyone was in the area at that time and has any information at all please can you get in touch

IMAG0889 WP_20150429_001 WP_20150429_002 WP_20150429_003 WP_20150429_004 WP_20150429_005 WP_20150429_006 WP_20150429_007 WP_20150429_008

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idiots at work again

We are constantly amazed at the ability of some peoples need to be destructive. Some scum decided to destroy an occupied Batbox. I dont know why anyone would want to do this apparently¬†its “fun” to climb a 20 foot tree pull it of and chuck it on the fire WP_20150425_001[1] WP_20150425_002[1]

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Today we are

Today we are cutting the Blackthorn stumps to the ground, this will let us use the NEW lawn mower to bring the area back to Meadow grass. We are also going round with loppers to cut away and coppiced branches from the felled Ash in the Arboretum and foraging plantations

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A family day to remember

what a beautiful day kids up trees, people covered in mud, wands made,eggs found, burgers cooked , faces painted kids running around and smiles all round. thank you all for coming and a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE FRIENDS GROUP FOR ALL THE HARD WORK !!!