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Before and after.What a fantastic group the ConVols are !!!!

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GM to be held at Manor road date to be confirmed probably mid November.

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GM to be held at Manor road date to be confirmed probably mid November.


  • grass cutting in the meadow

Raincliffe Meadow is open to the public and because of this it suffers from dog fouling, it also suffers from a large number of mole hills. Both the dog muck and the mole hill spoil carry dangerous diseases and this can be passed on the farm animals causing severe distress, illness and death.

At the moment we are cutting the grass and bailing the hay to reduce the soil fertility and allow other species to take hold, then be given away, burnt or sold.

There is an alternative to summer cutting it is TOPPING. This is a cutting technique that takes the top off all the grasses and the other tall species. It is done two or three times a year for three of four years without its removal and allows the smaller plants to gain a foot hold . With this method we do not have to collect the grass and we eliminate the danger of passing on disease, it also lets us manage the grasses and flowers in the tree plantations. It does not however reduce the fertility of the soil and this may effect the variety of plants. It does allow the management of the meadow if volunteer numbers are down and it totally removes the danger of killing animals and the risk of costly legal action.

  • Mid week and weekend management of the meadow

Until recently we had working in the meadow a Saturday group. Its advantage was that anyone could join in how and when they wanted. Its disadvantage was that on most weekends numbers had become too small and that the task management became very difficult. I am no longer prepared to put aside every weekend to take up tools and organise the tasks.

It has been suggested that the people that have attended some of the weekends take over the Sat. Tasks.

Another way would be for the Main group to work in the Meadow at least once a month and to set up Task days . These could be on any suitable day and could easily be catered for logistically and allow for fluctuating numbers. It would also keep the management of the meadow within the main group and not risk separation of the two groups

  • RWCE and ConVol relationship.

We have in the past changed our mind a number of times about working with RWCE. The position at the moment is that we support the RWCE and are willing to carry out tasks in Raincliffe on our own and with other interested voluntary groups. On the understanding that if JB becomes involved on the day or has any part in its planning or the execution of a task the ConVols will stop work. Given that JB is again on the main board do the ConVols still want to cooperate with RWCE?

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Meadow Fun

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Hello good people I know your busting to know what we will be doing on the 16th so here you are. First job of the day will be working on the bird hide and clearing the ground in front of it, the second is brush cutting near the east gate to push all the scrub back and to open the third right of way. We also need to keep the blackthorn we cut back last year under control and keep the grass/paths cut. So as you can see we have a lot to do, that means we need you people to come out and help

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A beautiful day

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Out in the fresh air with some fantastic people doing a grand jobSAM_1477 SAM_1477 SAM_1478 SAM_1479 SAM_1480 SAM_1481 SAM_1482 SAM_1483 SAM_1484 SAM_1485 SAM_1486 SAM_1487 SAM_1488 SAM_1489 SAM_1490 SAM_1491 SAM_1492 SAM_1493

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