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Board walk done ( for Now)

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A cracking day Gromits Just a small estimation but i reckon that if all of the board walk was to be replaced you would be talking £25/30 thousand. Its a good job the ConVols and others are willing to give their time and energy making Scarborough a better place, We think its far better doing that than writing badly written letters of complaint, moaning,demanding, bullying, screaming, shouting, spitting and claiming false credit


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This might well change so dont shoot me

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25 November Throxenby mere to finish the board walk

2 December Osgoodby path clearance

9 December Millennium Wood thinning ( chainsaw needed)

16 December Millennium Wood thinning ( chainsaw needed)

6 January Meadow brush clearing and preparing the memorial plot

13/20/27 January Hedge Laying .This is a Compulsory high Viz Task

3 February Meadow finishing the Memorial plot

10 February Joes Wood thinning

17/24 February Wetland project

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2000 daffs to put in

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2000 wild daffodils to plant anyone got any ideas, we can get on to the Meadow at the moment because of the old adversary MUD. What shall we do ? What a different day yesterday was, planting up thousands of wild flowers up to be planted next spring. I think a lot will go at the east entrance, what a beautiful sight they will be in the following spring and summer.

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A Marvel

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We got there and this week and this week at least I did not get stuck and need pulling out. The ConVols put their heart and soul into doing these jobs .It does not matter that’s its dry stone walling, pricking seeds out or brush cutting the volunteers work very hard. We cut back the brush from the East gate entrance, Attacked the Black thorn and strimmed around the memorial plot,not quite finished but we will. Later this winter we will plant wild Dafs. And see what comes up from the seed bank. Another job will be to make sure our small entrance is clear and dry as the main path is becoming harder and harder to drive up . Please join our lottery group and help us get a 4×4 The Raincliffe meadow projecthttps://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/funding/itv-programmeWP_20151104_001 WP_20151104_002 WP_20151104_003 WP_20151104_004 WP_20151104_005 WP_20151104_006 WP_20151104_007 WP_20151104_008 WP_20151104_009 WP_20151104_011 WP_20151104_012 WP_20151104_013 WP_20151104_015 WP_20151104_018 WP_20151104_019

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