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Spring is coming

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The year has started with a bang in some parts of the UK with floods and gales, The devastation that all this wind and rain has caused is horrendous especially to those that have lost their homes & businesses but please spare a thought for our wild life in these difficult times, particularly our ground living species that have had a total loss of habitat. In some areas this has resulted in a complete wipe out of species. Some will recover and reoccupy habitat, some might need some help to re establish them selves. The ConVols are in, the management of the Meadow trying to create as many habitats as we can on such a small plot of land.

We have already started to thin out the young Oak and Ash and plant out new varieties in the foraging plot, in the next month we will be establishing a wetland area by creating three small and shallow scrapes, this will provide a much needed environment for our wetland species and a wonderful platform for the public to come and visit. We will give the arboretum part of our woodland its first thinning and as soon as we can start planting as many rare varietys of trees /flora as we can grow on the site. In the early spring the volunteers will be planting out the wild flowers that we have grown on from seed, in pot sized plugs, this is to give them as good a chance as we can give them to develop into mature plants able to sustain themselves and be able to reproduce for the following decades.

What is happening to the Bird hide you ask ? Well its simplicity its self “Willow” the hide its self is going to have a Willow skin applied to give it its final look and with funding we hope to grow another from the ground up so to speak .

There is plenty to do so if your feeling like a few hours helping out please please do.



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Back home on the Meadow next week

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Not a good week for me,this Wednesday i had to leave the volunteers at the task and go home,i was not feeling well at all. The Job on Queen Margaret Drive is finished so its THE MEADOW NEXT WEEK . There are a fair number of tasks that are waiting to be finished and started..We have two trees to plant, one is a Hornbeam the other is a Scotch pine ,this is to sit about 30m away from the Black poplar we planted a few weeks ago and will when established give a wonderful welcome to those that come and visit our little Meadow. We will be clearing brush from the wetland area and starting to thin our Arboretum Plantation, We do the thinning in compartments this lets us work in one area and stack in another, making felling easer and giving us the opportunity of planting as we are felling. We are also starting work on establishing a permanent wet flush behind the big Oak. We will do this by creating three small scrapes and plant as it fills up.

See you there or be Square

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A sad leaving

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Just to let our membership know what is happening between RWCE.and myself.
After a lot of thought i have resigned as a director from the Board.this decision was reached reluctantly but after receiving an abusive and threatening Email from John Bradley(the police are involved) and seeing the effect on my Fiancé , I could not possibly stay in the same organisation/room as this “man”. As soon as the Police tell me its ok I will repost his Emails .

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In town this week

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A busy day on Queen Margaret Road. The volunteers were asked by SBC to lay the hedge near the Mere. As usual we got stuck in and a huge amount of work done.Next week is our last day on this task, we will be working up on our Meadow the following week thinning the Cherry stand and clearing brush.

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