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Task Dates #bagsofhelp

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March 2 South Cliff gardens Helping friends group.

March 9 Millennium Meadow Clearing brush

March 16 Raincliffe Meadow Brush raking/, Tree thinning,

March 23 Joe Wood Thinning

March 30 Meadow Gate repair/thinning

April 6 Forge Valley Path repair

April 13 Whitby Secret event

April 20 Eastfield Dell Flower plugs

April 27 Eastfield Dell Flower plugs

May 4 Meadow Flower plugs

May 11 Oliver’s Mount T.L.C.

Scarborough Conservation Volunteers will also be having task days/Training days ( Drystone Walling, grass cutting, Meadow management, Bird watching, species recording, Coastal Management etc. ) other than Wednesday. Please keep a watch for future announcementsBFH_Textured_Large


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More grass back

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Thank you all for coming out and giving an extra day on the Meadow. This large plot of bramble was just a small plot a few years ago but has gradually expanded taking out two paths. We will rake this off and ready it to be reintegrated into the flower meadow as a wet flush

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Join us to remember Capt.Peter Cocker

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Peter cocker was a long standing member of the Scarborough Conservation Volunteers and one time Chair. Please join on the Meadow with Peters family, friends and Volunteers and help us celebrate his life and his contribution to wild life preservation. We will be planting a Hornbeam tree in Peters memory and naming a beautiful woodland glade in his honour.

4 March 2.30 Raincliffe Meadow Scarborough

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Shore line/ Sea tasks

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I need to pick some brains. The ConVols have by tradition i suppose usually worked inland on things like tree thinning, brush cutting ,hedge laying………… but how would you feel about working closer to the shore line we would do things like habitat restoration,Shore line & sea recording, path restoration .hide building,
If you can think of it and we can do it we will conciser it What do you think ?BFH_Textured_Large

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Good Morrow

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Good morrow to you all! I am sorry but because of the rubbish weather we have decided to cancel today. Today’s task was in a very exposed place and with temps dropping , rain and snow all day, it was thought it best if we just postponed today’s task and moved it to next week instead of Joe’s wood. I am sorry about this but just looking out of the window tells me its the right move,see you all next week for the same task

Mid week task on the Meadow. that old beauty Brush Cutting. Time marches on and we are starting to move into the bird breeding season hence the need for a mid week/weekend task. We have two large areas of brush that over the last few years have got a little out of control. One needs a trim the other needs removing to allow the meadow to come back. could you please let me know if you can help out and your preferred day.

Before i forget we will also be getting stuck into the wet flush task soon ,this will be a weekend task and have a big red digger in it, Please let me know for that as well please

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