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Its seems as if the days are not long enough at this time of the year, trying to get all the winter tasks finished before the breading season starts and following straight on from that the spring planting season. In the last few weeks the ConVols have tried to concentrate on Training. thinning the Meadow and the Millennium woods. As the name suggests the Millennium woods were planted around 15 years ago to Forestry commission planting instructions.(2 meter ) This has lead to a woodland that is far too over populated and in desperate need of thinning.  giving  our novice chainsaw operatives chance to start honing their skills and collect some brash for us to collect for the Meadow and give us chance to cut path ways into the Bramble to give us access to the Himalayan Balsam in the summer.

We have also been preparing the meadow for the spring thinning/shaping the Arboretum plot, in preparation for replanting. A small picnic glade has been cleared near the west gate to let our visitors have a rest and to give some shape to the plantation . Hopefully this and the new trees should see us finished in that plot for this year. The ConVols have had some work done on one of the wet flushes this winter in the next week or two it will be planted up and some pond life added . We will have to keep a close eye on the Mares tale and cut it as it appears but with a bit of luck it will be gone in a few years.We do need some recorders for the new wetland project, perhaps Scarborough field Nats. would like to help

The Main gate I hear you ask in a loud whisper “ something must be done” and we agree 100% .A chipper has been booked but we need more brash to make it work, its amazing how much is needed to fill a small area never mind a git big gate, I know from experience that just when you think you have plenty you realise that the brash isn’t enough to fill a Wheel Barrow never mind a truck, so its slowly slowly.

Fund raising has in the short term been successful #bagsofhelp this windfall from Tesco is fantastic but we need more to keep us going . Our first priority is transport, Tasks takes us all over the 300 +sq. miles of the borough and we need a 4×4 to help us with our work. Unfortunately the cost of buying a 4×4 is prohibitive and not good value if its only going to get uses once or twice a week.

To make the a purchase of a 4×4 viable the volunteers are working towards increasing the number of days that they operate and expanding the kind of tasks that we do to include more Coastal work and marine Conservation. A big jump we know, moving into this work is not just a matter of buying a boat and sailing into the blue. Skippers tickets need to be got ,the kind of craft sorted out, insurance , equipment need to be bought/ trained on and cooperation with other interested parties sought to eliminate duplication of effort.


Author: scarboroughwoodlandpeople

We are two different groups of volunteers ,the SCV work all over the Scarborough aria doing a variety of tasks in conjunction with SBC we also are the lease holders on around 15 acres of meadow ,we only have 99 years to sort it out . The SWAG group are at the moment concentrating on Raincliffe Woods & forge Valley ,they meet on the first Sunday of the month to carry out tasks and have events in the woodland . and hope to see you there Ron Baxter Chair

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