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Thats Strange its sunny again, has someone pulled the town into the Med. cos this is not normal, no rain for tree days and the sun someone is having a joke Its not to bad, a post up all day before i need to alter it lol.
Next week is not on the Dell we did most of the planting this week so there is not enough flowers for another days planting ( told you we were good ).
So I hear you ask what is going on, i dont know, “What is going on” has always been a complete mystery to me. Whats next week Ok Ok .The Convols are in Filey planting some jolly nice trees at Filey Brig. Tim & alan are coming so we will extra volunteers to make up for it so please come and enjoy

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Flowers Flowers Flowers

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Hello you lot, the sun is out yippee… Yesterday the ConVols were planting wild flowers on Eastfield Dell. When we arrived it was a beautiful morning the grasswas clear of rubbish and it was a…

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Flowers Flowers Flowers

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Hello you lot, the sun is out yippee… Yesterday the ConVols were planting wild flowers on Eastfield Dell. When we arrived it was a beautiful morning the grasswas clear of rubbish and it was a lovely place to work. When the flowers arrived there was a general intake of breath at the sheer number of them but I remembered the last time we were there and i knew that we could do it.and by early afternoon we had. So thank you every one, that was a job a job and knock to enjoy. We are back at the Dell next week planting flowers again and just to make sure we know how to do it we are on the Meadow the week after to plant a load up there. See you all soon in the mud
Ron Baxter

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Raincliffe meadow is starting to slowly green up but with all this rain, the west gate still looks like a mud bath. The ConVols do have plans to dry it up/scrape but we need it to dry out before we can risk a tractor up there. The plants we ordered for the wetland are in and starting to take hold, the 2000 native daffodils we planted last year have shown for the first year. As you can see from the photo the Daffs. are a bit on the thin side but they are in and unless there is a catastrophe of some sort they will be growing on that spot for generations to come.

The west gate

The west gate is at the moment a mess but as well as getting the path scraped the Scarborough Conservation Volunteers would like to have a hand crafted welcome sign. the sign must have these or a similar text on it

Scarborough Conservation Volunteers Welcome you to The Raincliffe Meadow nature /wildlife reserve.

If its possible we would like some sort of reference ( visual or text) to the public keeping their dogs under control & for horse riders not to gallop .

it must be built to last from local (Raincliffe) materials

A budget for materials is available for the right Artist /Crafter, to be discussed

Do you know anyone that would like to take on this fantastic volunteering opportunity ? If you do please contact me Ron Baxter on Scarborough Conservation Volunteers FB page or email me on


I do like the new signs

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All Bow the sun is out

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Good Morrow people of the Sun, I can confirm that the big bright thing in the sky is indeed the fabled Sun ,the gods must be very happy this morning. This week the ConVols Have been very busy not just in the field so to speak but filling application forms in, ordering, sorting out training, buying stuff and getting ready for our beautiful halcyon Summer. Thinking of summer lets start planning our summer family days. What do you think we should have? BBQ, Bug Hunt, let us know and we will see what can be done. Thank goodness its stopped raining for a day maybe the gate will start to dry out and green up, at the moment it looks a right mess, part of the problem (a big part) is galloping horses .the ConVols love to see people cantering/galloping across the meadow but there comes a point when the rider and horse want to slow down, thats when the huge mess gets much worse. A slowing horse and rider make hellish divots and the ride gets covered in 3/4/6 in holes .

I know its a pain and if it was me on the horse I would want to give the horse its head but for aesthetic and safety grounds can you please walk or trot. We dont want people put off coming to the Meadow just because its ankle deep in mud.

Good news on the Wetland project some plants have come from the Wild flower shop http://www.wildflowershop.co.uk/index.html I will be going up today to plant them up ,i will concentrate on the scrape nearest the fire pit for planting. When our #bagsofhelp funding comes through we will plant up the other scrapes .

As you will be able to see the Vols have been thinning trees in the arboretum plot again this depends on #bagsofhelp funding but as soon as we can we will be planting new species. The way we decided to do it is to plant heavy standard trees with whips planted round. This will give an immediate variety in canopy hight and in the future look like the tree has self seeded.

The Daffs we planted are all out and I hope to post some photos today.

Coming soon we will be planting willow round the Bird hide and planting a few hundred mixed wild flowers.

Have a good week


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