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a good week planting

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A hard week planting wild flower bulbs in the Meadow, when we started on Wednesday the weather was filthy it rained all day but Friday was a lot better and we managed to plant another 400,never fear the ConVols are here. This week we have managed to plant about 2000 wild flower plugs in Raincliffe Meadow,those and what we planted last year should take us close to the target of getting all the grassland that can be cut planted. Thank you all for a fantastic weeks work your fantastic .


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could be right could be wrong

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18 May Plug planting in Cross gates

25 may Plug planting Raincliffe Meadow

1 June Board walk repair Throxenby mere

8 June Board walk repair Throxenby mere

15 June Nature trail repair Raincliffe woods

22 June Nature trail repair Raincliffe woods

29 June Surprise day

6 July Bridge Building Callow beck Whitby

13 July Surprise Day

20 July Himalayan Balsam Ravanscar

27 July Himalayan Balsam Larpool

3 August Boggle Hole tree guard removal

10 August Boggle Hole

17 August Dry stone walling

24 August Dry stone Walling

31 August woodland maintenance Rons Wood

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A two way split

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Hello good people ,Wow what a week of ups and downs. The ConVols had a rare split task this week, first to collect brash and chip it at Millennium wood and then bring it to the meadow for our gate . While 3 of us went onto the Raincliffe meadow to prepare the ground helping Pete Wilson of Thorne Park farm and his big red tractor.

Unfortunately problems with the chipper stopped work on the gate but at least its ready. While we were waiting for the other volunteers to join us in Raincliffe we decided to have a look at the new wetland ,what a surprise the lower three scrapes were almost empty ,so we set about clearing its feeder stream .As the other volunteers joined us we were able to clear more of the stream, low and behold two of us found an old Belfast sink, that had been put in by a previous owner to feed his cattle . Sadly I dont think that will be enough, the banks that we created are behaving like large radiators pulling water out of the ponds as it evaporates out of the bank. We also have a problem with dogs jumping in and pushing their paws through the clay lining and I suppose the Deer will do the same. Solutions I here you shouting well its going to be a bit of fun ,first we will change the way the pond fill each other and use angled pipe to supply the water to the lower ponds , puddle the clay with spades and use a form of pond liner take a breath oh and all the rest of tree planting, training and our weekly tasks .I feel some “ special events “comming up soon .Have a good week


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A task that is in two halves

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Hello good people of the Sun. Next week we are working on a strange and unusual task .CHIPPING COOL. .We are splitting the dy in two the first half will be in Millennium Wood then on to the Meadow for the afternoon. We are chipping already felled timber and using the chips to dry out the West gate in the Meadow. This is our busiest time of year and we need Volunteers out to help us ,so if you can come please come along WE NEED YOU

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