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Easter is here, spring has sprung,the daffs are out and the sun is shinning. I have been looking back at this winters ConVol tasks and without doubt we have a lot to be proud of. Over the winter months the volunteers have continued to work in Raincliffe Meadow, thinning the trees in the arboretum plantation, ready for next winters planting, the wild daffodils we planted have given a beautiful show, and the thousands of wild flowers the volunteers planted are starting to come through. The Bird hide is once again usable after its arson attack ,feeders have been made and a large amount of brash cut back to allow the wild flowers to come through, The volunteers have had sculptures made for the meadows west gate and chippings put down to dry up the ground . These things on there own would be a wonderful achievement for the ConVols but we did not stop there. We are continuing the development of our Wetland aria,encouraging public use of the meadow and the memorial garden. If you are interested in creating a memorial space for your loved ones, the volunteers charge £250 for a semi mature native tree and plaque with words of your choice. Please contact us we are happy to help, at £250 this is a competitive alternative to paying over £1000 for a bench.

Anyone that looks up to Scarborough Castle will see a huge difference this summer!! You can see the walls. Over the last few years self seeded sycamore trees have grown up around the Castle, obscuring a once stunning view, English Heritage asked the ConVols if we could help restore the iconic view and I think that we have been extremely successful. The trees are no longer damaging the fabric of the Castle walls and we have helped secure the castle grounds, making the walls more difficult to climb and damage the stone work has been reduced.

Is that it ? If it was we would be justifiably chuffed at our achievements but Scarborough Conservation Volunteers are made of good stuff. One of the ConVols long term aims is to provide training for its volunteers particularly in the ancient skills of Dry Stone walling and hedge laying. Money was raised and eight of our volunteers travelled over to the Yorkshire Dales, over a few weekends to learn the wonderful skill of hedge laying, luckily each time we visited the sun shone and it kept dry for us, so successful were the Volunteers that we were invited back to take part in a regional competition, off we went again to the Dales and totally out of the blue two of our group won best in class. I must admit to looking forward to organising more training for the volunteers both at home and shock horror other counties.

Scarborough Conservation Volunteers have a long and successful relationship with Scarborough Borough Council. We clear old paths, mend fences, thin trees from overgrown plantations, create wild flower meadows…… One job the council asks to be done is the repair of the board walk around Throxenby Mere and along Forge Valley these tasks are very long term and require a lot of man/women hours over the year. Throxenby Mere Board Walk is regularity in need of repair because of the damp conditions. While The one in Forge Valley is longer it is dryer and needs less maintenance it still needs regular TLC . Digging drainage channels and clearing the brash.

If you would like to join the Best most fun voluntary group in town maybe take some training contact Ron Baxter on 07884968383 ,or visit our FB site

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