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My name is Paul Thompson and I work for the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. 

 I am beginning to recruit for next year’s cohort of my project, ‘Tomorrow’s Natural Leaders’.  We really struggled to recruit last year in Ryedale (where there are 6 vacancies) so I wondered if you could please pass this opportunity on to any conservation volunteers, friends or relatives to help raise awareness of this amazing opportunity for young people (age 16 – 24) looking to start a career in the conservation / countryside management sector.


Placements will run from September 2017 – August 2018 and the deadline for applications is 30th June.  Detailed information about the vocational placements including how to apply can be found on our website here:




Participants receive a bursary of £250 per month, a training budget of £470 and a placement completion bonus of £500 cash.


I have attached a flyer for use in newsletters or social media, plus an article featuring interviews with some of this year’s participants.


We will be hosting two practical “taster sessions” in June for anyone who would like to find out more and have a chance to ask myself and the current trainees any questions on the following dates:


·         Saturday 17th June

·         Wednesday 21st June


These will be held at one of our local nature reserves or farms and further detailed information will be sent through later this month.


Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to forward this email and my contact details on.


Kind regards,



Paul Thompson
Environmental Youth Project Leader

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Tel: 01751 417503

Website: http://www.ywt.org.uk



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More grass back

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Thank you all for coming out and giving an extra day on the Meadow. This large plot of bramble was just a small plot a few years ago but has gradually expanded taking out two paths. We will rake this off and ready it to be reintegrated into the flower meadow as a wet flush

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thank you Tesco

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looking for some advice

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I Chair a local community Conservation group .as a group we hold a long term lease on a mixed woodland/grass 17 acre property near Scarborough. The land we lease is in the middle of a 220 ha woodland and has a permissive bridleway right through the centre of it. The land is visited daily by walkers ,bird watchers & horse riders. The grass has for the last few years been cut and the Hay burnt . We have been advised that since we have no use for the hay we should abandon our summer hay cutting and Top the grass three times a year instead. The reason been that as the grass has public access lots of dog shit. http://www.nfus.org.uk/uploadedFiles/Campaigns/Disease%20in%20Livestock.pdf

and mole hills that seem to be getting bigger each year.


Both the mole hills and the dog shit have in them the capacity to harm/kill any animals that might eat the hay and as a result makes the hay unsellable, in fact even giving it away could cause us problems.

Do we TOP and remove any possibility of been taken to court, but change the nature of the sward or do we carry on with the hay cutting ? The first is cheaper, quicker and easily done. The second has the risk of animal deaths associated with it , the possibility of legal action against me but the sward carry s on developing as a flower meadow?

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A beautiful day

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Out in the fresh air with some fantastic people doing a grand jobSAM_1477 SAM_1477 SAM_1478 SAM_1479 SAM_1480 SAM_1481 SAM_1482 SAM_1483 SAM_1484 SAM_1485 SAM_1486 SAM_1487 SAM_1488 SAM_1489 SAM_1490 SAM_1491 SAM_1492 SAM_1493

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A small slice of the scything workshop

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SAM_1440 SAM_1441 SAM_1442 SAM_1443 SAM_1444 SAM_1445 SAM_1446 SAM_1447 SAM_1448 SAM_1449 SAM_1450 SAM_1451 SAM_1452 SAM_1455 SAM_1456 SAM_1457 SAM_1458 SAM_1459 SAM_1460 SAM_1461 SAM_1462 SAM_1463 SAM_1464 SAM_1465 SAM_1466What a beautiful day on the meadow one of the few this year  

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A scything workshop in raincliffe meadow

A small number of places are available on our Raincliffe meadow Scything workshop learn from Jonathan Dent Nature Reserve Manager @ St. Nicks Nature Reserve in York

.Learn from an expert how to use this ancient tool (pre Roman) You dont need to be Atlas for this skill just be willing to join in. We will be cutting grass, managing vergers, gardening trees and tool management
we will as well as taking the workshop will be giving a short talk on Meadow/ Woodland management. Come and learn a new skill or refresh an old one Be GREEN and be part of a resurgence in pre industrial revolution Country Skills